Use the Holidays to Gear up for Camp!


Every year, families tell us that they enjoy using the holidays as a time to gift items for the ISTC experience. Not only have we made our packing list available for everyone – click here to view – but we want to use this month’s blog to give more detail on how to prepare for camp.


Our All Sports and IXTC programs are a mix of team-based games and outdoor adventure activities. We do not require any specific clothing or uniforms, given the plethora of sports we play. T-shirts, shorts, leggings, and other light clothing that you would wear to play outside in the summertime are perfect; be sure not to bring anything valuable as the lake, mountain bike trails, and ropes course elements can dirty things very quickly.

Being in the Pocono Mountains, the weather can get a little chilly in the mornings and nighttime. We recommend at least one sweatshirt as well as a rain jacket and an extra pair of sneakers for when we get wet weather.

Items for Everyday Use

Most of the day is running, swimming, and cheering but in the few times campers are at their cabins, there are some essential items.

Sleeping: Standard twin size bottom sheet to cover our mattress and then your choice of sleeping bag or blankets with a pillow. The cabins have large internal house fans, but no central air conditioning, so a small fan (preferably battery operated) is a welcome addition for warmer nights.

Personal Items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, brushes, combs, and whatever else your camper uses to get ready for the day are needed. Bathrooms and showers are inside the cabins, so we also suggest a shower caddy or toiletry bag to carry all your personal items. Another item for the cabin is a laundry bag – simply having one dedicated spot for dirty clothes can keep campers organized for their stay.

Other Notes

Sports Items: We provide all sports equipment for sessions; cleats, balls, life jackets, bike helmets and other items are not needed. We’ll always use our own equipment to ensure everyone is on the same playing field. You are welcome to bring things like frisbees, spikeball, soccer balls, and other items for use during recreation times.

Miscellaneous: Other things for activity times would be a reusable water bottle and a drawstring bag. We have plenty of fill up spots so campers can hydrate, dominate; an insulated bottle to keep water cold in the sunshine does well. Additionally, a drawstring bag is great for keeping belongings together, especially during session times like at the Waterfront where campers have towels, sunglasses, sandals, and more.


We want everyone to feel confident and prepared coming into the ISTC experience, so should you have any questions, please get in touch with our office!