Our Staff

ISTC has been described by many of our campers as “the happiest place on Earth”. From the moment you step foot on our camp grounds you feel the electricity of this place. And that is, in large part, because of our staff. It’s their energy that’ll envelop you, their smiles that’ll welcome you and their cheers that’ll give you the confidence to be your best! We truly believe our mature and incredibly well trained staff, who are super friendly and supportive, are just one of the reasons our campers love us so much!

We firmly believe that our outstanding staff members are the foundation of ISTC. Without their passion, dedication and expertise, ISTC would be no where near where it is today. Our staff members are age 21 and over and are carefully selected from all over the world; each year we spend months scouring the world, seeking out individuals that embody ISTC’s ideals, enthusiasm and dedication.

Most of our staff are chosen in-person, at job fairs, after they’ve gone through a detailed interview process. We look for people who are brimming with character and passion. That’s because we believe that in order to build campers with heart we first need staff members with heart. It takes a special kind of person to work at ISTC. They are outstanding role models, mentors and leaders and have a solid and experienced background in coaching and child welfare. They are the best the world has to offer!

Once they arrive at camp, they receive an extensive 11 day orientation. Plus, our staff training does not stop there, it’s an ongoing process. While camp is underway, our staff will receive ongoing weekly feedback and journaling sessions with their supervisors, weekly peer meetings with the entire staff, structured evaluations mid-summer and at the end of summer and 360˚ reviews, where staff evaluate their supervisors.