Best Sports Camp in the USA



Labeling ISTC as the best sports camp in the USA is bold, but we feel it is warranted given the way we operate our facility, staff, and activities. We like to say we “specialize in not specializing”, which is a commitment to giving campers a variety of outdoor experiences, without sacrificing the quality of any single sport or activity. Here are the top 3 things that separate ISTC from the competition.


1) Facility

ISTC features a private lake, ropes course, adventure trails, grass fields, sport courts, and more – all within a 500 acres property. This landscape not only paints a beautiful picture for campers upon arrival, helping them feel excited about the experience, but truly enables us to play a multitude of activities. Participating in jet ski, banana boat, rock climb, zip line, mountain bike soccer, basketball, volleyball, other team sports and more, are all possible with our facilities! The linear nature of our property also makes moving from one thing to the next simple, keeping the focus on the fun itself.


2) Staff

All of the activities we offer would not be as amazing without our staff. Each summer, we recruit coaches and counselors from the US, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Colombia, and more. The combination of unique backgrounds and their love of making a difference with kids, creates a welcoming, excited energy at ISTC. This energy is infectious and allows campers to buy in to the multi-sport programming we offer without any worries.



3) Atmosphere

The nature of how we play sports further adds to the success of our program. Rather than putting competition above all else, we prioritize challenging campers by choice. Our staff will push every camper to put their best foot forward in each activity; however, should anything begin to cross the line of being uncomfortable, we will support campers there too. Not to mention, we promote this pressure free environment by breaking up structured sports time with free choice recreation. Ultimately, we hope to teach life skills through sports like confidence, sportsmanship, and friendship.