Best of ISTC 2022


Each year at ISTC we upgrade our facilities and programs; and 2022 was no exception! This past summer featured several improvements to the camper experience and while we can’t fully announce everything for 2023 just yet, know that it will be an ~adventure~!


With the year concluding, we want to reflect on some of the best things from 2022:


  • Snack Shack & Canteen
    • Added a 4th serving line to the Canteen, which reduced wait time for campers looking to get food, drink, and merchandise items.
    • Introduced new menu items, including build your own ice cream sundaes, funnel cake fries, and chicken tenders.
    • Built the Snack Shack, a secondary camp store next to the Waterfront with frozen treats, drinks, and other snack items.



  • Fitness and Weightlifting Gym
    • Moved the gym to the 2nd level of the Arena, allowing All Sports and IXTC to completely take over the 1st floor for dodgeball, floor hockey, and other team-based sports.
    • Opened the gym for recreation time – campers were able to lift under supervision of our training staff!



  • Fieldhouse
    • Replaced the Fieldhouse floor with ISTC branded, all weather, multi-sport surface; the upgraded floor was the perfect match for basketball and our cabin-of-the-week events.



  • Pavilion
    • Added a Pavilion between the Arena and Fieldhouse! This Pavilion served as an additional rain location for teams to continue playing, but also was home to the weekly Zumba classes led by our international staff and some zen yoga classes. Not to mention, it is a beautiful ceremony spot for our non-summer business Trout Lake.



  • Arts & Crafts
    • Created the Arts & Crafts area, a fully dedicated spot for those who want to balance out the sports programming with arts during recreation time.


  • Coffee Bar
    • For our IXTC campers only, we launched our very own coffee bar. Campers were able to order lattes and other coffee drinks directly onsite. Not to mention, it kept our counselors and coaches happy too!


Re-investing in the camper experience remains a priority and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for the upcoming summer!