What happens when 15-17 year olds design the summer camp of their dreams? Why, IXTC, of course! An adventure camp that mixes extreme sports with building life skills…all while having the time of your life!

Imagine days filled with goose bump-inducing activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, jet skiing and tubing. Nights are packed with excitement – a dance party on the beach and even a dodgeball competition that pairs IXTCers against the coaching staff (an all-time camper favorite).

boy playing dodgeball at sports summer camp

But it’s not just about sports, adventure, and friends. IXTC builds skills that’ll last a lifetime…skills like teamwork, leadership, confidence, independence, decision making and the ability to voice their opinions.

Teens at our extreme sports camp have a lot more freedom in their schedule than other younger campers. It’s kind of like a camp within a camp! They live within our brand new specially designed IXTC Village, giving them a sense of family and community within their sports camp program. They have the power to customize their experience by choosing their own activities. They get to stay up later, sleep in later, and finish their week with an IXTC traditional campfire where they spend time bonding and savoring their camp friendships.

We only accept 40 campers per week in order to keep this customized program more personal. This smaller number of campers means it fills up very quickly.

girls at extreme sports camp in Trout Lake