Top Tips for Preparing for Camp!


Summer 2023 is moments away and as such, it is time to get ready for the ISTC experience! Our office will keep you on track for any logistics, such as remaining forms, payments, arrival details, and more. When getting your camper ready for camp, we are here to help make sure camp is awesome for everyone involved. Here are our top tips for preparing for camp:


Pack the Right Items

Settling into the cabin is the first stop on arrival day. It’s home base for the week, so bringing the right items from the start can set a positive tone for the time ahead! Our packing list contains a complete checklist of items to include, as well as things that are not suited for our sport programs. Success is where opportunity and preparation meet; we aim to do both so your camper can simply focus on having the best time ever!

Set up Happy Expectations of Camp

Our camp environment is different from home life, and it is important to articulate this to your camper in a positive light! As an example, we are cell phone and technology free, which means campers get to focus on outdoor sports and the friends around them without distractions. Framing things in this way versus “you won’t be able to check your Instagram at camp” can create a better attitude towards everything ISTC. This mindset can applied to all elements of our sports programs, such as cabin living, structured meal times, and being away from home. For more on how and why we do things the ISTC way, check out our philosophy video!

Take a Summertime Tour

Creating a sense of familiarity around ISTC can alleviate any first-time nervousness. For those that enjoy the comfort of home, we have a full virtual tour on our website. It allows families to check out various locations of our facility in a 360-degree fashion. For a first-hand look, we also offer onsite tours on Saturday’s in the summertime. Every Saturday at 3:00pm, we run a guided tour to help everyone acclimate to the ISTC experience. To RVSP, simply submit a tour request form with your preferred Saturday.

See the Experience

Creating fun expectations of ISTC is so important because once campers are onsite jet skiing, banana boating, rock climbing, and playing other sports, it is impossible to have a bad time! We encourage all campers to follow us on Instagram and to check out the daily photo galleries on our website. For many, seeing others their age having an amazing time is the confidence boost they need to realize they too will have a great experience.

Getting ready for camp should be a fun time and if you have any questions, you are welcome to text our office at 570-620-2267.