Get to Know the ISTC Staff


With our team of new and returning staff set for the upcoming season, we want to help you get to know the people who bring our camp experience to life!


Our staff come from around the world

We could not be International Sports Training Camp without our international staff! Each year, we bring in staff from England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia, Poland and more to fill various positions across the camp; this season is no different! Their unique perspectives combined with their excitement to teach campers about their culture, makes them a very welcome addition to our programs. Along with our US staff, not only do they keep our atmosphere upbeat, they prepare our campers to excel in a global context.

summer campers sporting Australia apparel


Our staff are older than the industry standard

Did you know most of our staff are over the age of 21? We bring in college-aged staff so that they have a better sense of judgement and maturity, but also more experience in their respective fields. Many of our counselors are studying to be teachers and use camp as a way to continue working in youth development. Most coaches have sports management and teaching backgrounds, with a desire to become even more adept. With specialty programs like jet ski, banana boat, ropes course, and mountain biking, having skilled staff is vital to the safety of our programs.


Our staff have a passion for making a positive difference

Everyone at ISTC joins the team because they believe in the camp experience. This staff buy-in is essential for preserving many of our traditions. How can we expect our campers to leave their cell phones and technology at home if our staff aren’t doing the same? How can we hope for campers to be enthusiastic about outdoor sports and cabin competitions if staff don’t set the tone. We expect our staff to lead with encouragement so that our campers follow in the pursuit of becoming their best selves.


We know this year’s team is beyond excited to meet everyone this summer; hope to see you here!