How Competitive is Sports Camp?


Believe it or not, competition is not our only objective despite “training” being a part of our name! Until the 2010’s, we offered sport specific programs like soccer, basketball, and volleyball that focused on skill development. Our current program, All Sports, was also offered during this time and as the name suggests, gives campers the opportunity to play and learn a variety of sports.



All Sports and IXTC (its counterpart for teenage campers) focus on training campers to be better people through sports. With a mix of team sports and adventure activities like jet ski, banana boating and rock climbing, we strive to build character and confidence trying new things. Here’s the benefits of our multi-sport program:



By moving the focus from sports specific development to overall life skills, we can have a wider spectrum of campers experience our programs. From competitive athletes looking for a social escape to kids figuring out what sports interests them most, everyone is welcome regardless of their athletic background. It also means our sports sessions are not limited to skill or gender. We choose to play sports in a co-ed team to give campers a larger social experience. It also promotes our coaching staff to teach sports in an inviting, recreational manner. Every camper may not move onto professional sports, but every camper can benefit from playing team sports in a risk-free environment with others their age.




Changing to an All Sports mindset also promotes variety in our programming. Soccer camp yields itself to soccer only, whereas our program gives us the flexibility to mix sports and even create our own games. Hunger Games, based on the book series, is a perfect example of an ISTC created sport that combines elements of tag and dodgeball. We like to say we specialize in not specializing, as each session each day is a something different. Keeping the schedule fresh each day, helps our campers stay excited on what’s to come! The variety also ensures we can add activities like pickleball and ATV’s (our most recent additions), without completely changing the essence of our programs.


We are so excited to continue teaching life skills through sports each season!