Registration Tips


This time each year, weeks move from available to limited to waitlist in a matter of days. What does each of these statuses mean and how can we work around sessions that have reached capacity? In this post, we break down everything registration to help you organize this summer!

Whenever a week is marked as available, it means the session is not at risk of closing out just yet. Available translates to plenty of space and the session can be enrolled in at any given point.


As registrations come in throughout the year, we update our website daily to reflect the status of each week. When a week moves from available to limited, it signifies that we are in our final percentage of spaces left for the given session. Specifically, we mark a week as limited when we reach our last 25 beds in hopes of giving advanced notice. If you are considering registering for a limited session or have friends looking to join you in this week, we recommend doing it as soon as possible.


Limited weeks will eventually hit their capacity and will no longer be available for immediate registration. When this happens, the website will change from limited to waitlisted. To be added to a waitlist, you will need to complete an application as if the week were available. Although it asks for your credit card, there are no fees associated to being put on a waitlist. As campers change weeks or cancel entirely, we offer the spaces that become available to those on the waitlist in the order in which their application was submitted. If and when the space is offered to you and we received confirmation that you accept, we will charge the standard deposit to secure your spot in the new week.

Registration Tips:

  • As long as we have the availability, we can change your camp week without any added fees or penalty.
  • We can also adjust the checkout day for your given week without any issues prior to the May 1st payment deadline for all families.
  • If you are organizing a group of friends for a week that reads “limited”, you are welcome to call our office for an exact number of spaces remaining to ensure we have the space.

Waitlist Options:

  • If there is a different session that works with your schedule and the waitlisted week is simply the preferred set of dates, you can register for another week and switch to the waitlisted session if and when the space becomes available.
  • For groups of friends that are navigating a waitlisted session, we are happy to move everyone to a different available week via written confirmation.
  • Since there is no financial risk attached to a waitlisted week, you can simply wait it out. We see most of our movement throughout the spring as families finalize vacation plans, sports schedules, and other commitments.

We are here to help make your summer a success so please feel free to contact our office with any questions!