Camper Communication


Staying in Touch with your Camper

A major component of any summer camp experience is giving campers time to explore independently. Our campers are surrounded by staff and other campers who will build their week to be the best it can be, although we also understand it may be their first-time away from you, their parents. We strive to find a balance between keeping you connected, while encouraging our campers to discover their own selves.

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Bunk Notes

Through CampinTouch, you have the ability to write to your camper daily. These messages are delivered to campers individually and are perfect for saying hello or sending fun news. They are one-way messages, but a little reassurance from home can make all the difference.

Care Packages & Mail

From letters to care packages from home, we deliver mail to our campers on a daily basis. Our camp store features care package bundles filled with ISTC clothing and items to help you make your camper even more excited during their week at camp.

Photos, Videos, & Social Media

Our media team moves between all of the different groups to capture photos and videos of our campers in action. Throughout the day, we are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to give everyone an inside look at the day’s activities. In the evening, we upload all of the photos to our website’s galleries and these are free to view each day.

Camper Lines

Particularly popular with our multi-week campers or those staying through the weekend, we open a camper phone line every Friday and Saturday from 1:15 to 2:30 pm. This camper specific phone line allows you to speak directly with your camper while they are here at ISTC.

Resident Life

With only a week at ISTC for most families, the camp experience will fly by. During this time, we stress that no news is good news. If you had any specific concerns, our Resident Life team is available to help. They are responsible for camper well-being and can provide a detailed update on how your camper is going.

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