New Year, Better You


The holidays have passed and New Year’s resolutions have officially begun. Whether it is a goal to become more open minded or simply add a bit of exercise into the weekly routine, many feel that they need to drastically change whom they are and what they do to become someone better. The phrase “New Year, New You” riddles the Internet, only adding to the overwhelming pressure to change.

We face a similar reality at ISTC. Many campers believe they need to transform into a super athlete to enjoy the sports camp experience. The truth is – anyone can become an athlete. It’s just a matter of placing yourself in the best environment to grow.

At ISTC, we understand that budding athletes are fragile. They have potential to develop into something great as long as they are given positive reinforcement in a healthy environment. This year is the time for “New Year, Better You” and any of our overnight programs are ideal places to start becoming a better you.

We believe that people become their best when they feel their best. So, presenting sports in an exciting, judgment-free way is a top priority for our coaching staff. Instead of harsh drilling, our coaches are dedicated to the recreational aspect of sports, which gives them the opportunity to devise games that promote friendly competition, sportsmanship, and most of all fun. Taking this stance towards sports alleviates any pressure or anxiety for our campers to perform at a specific level; further, campers are so focused on simply enjoying sports that they do not realize they are becoming more active, open, and confident.

Our sports groups are organized solely on age, meaning there is no evaluation or skill based discrimination. We also introduce our campers to sports that they may not have ever tried before such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and rugby. Not only does this help eliminate any fear of being behind campers with more sporting experience, but it gives campers the chance to become leaders. Encouraging others in sports they’ve never played, starting cheers, and high fiving at the end of a game are simply little things campers do at ISTC that carryover to becoming great athletes and more notably, empathic, supportive adults.

Anyone can become an athlete at ISTC because we use sports as our medium to build better people. Here’s to “New Year, Better You”!