Fall in Love with ISTC


Each week at ISTC, campers complete a brief evaluation of their time with us – what we’ve noticed is that everyone who absolutely raved about their experience had similar things to say. Whether they were a first-time camper or coming back for their seventh summer straight, here is what they said made them fall in love with ISTC.


kids at summer camp about to use ropes course


1)   Getting To Know So Many People

One of the most common comments campers write is that they loved making new friends. Our hope is that a camper’s cabin mates, sports team, counselors, and coaches become his/her family away from home. Spending such close time with other kids forms a shared bond that leads toward long-term friendship beyond the week at ISTC.



2)   The Staff

Campers overwhelmingly say that it is the staff that make ISTC so special. Counselors and coaches create a positive environment and inspire campers to be the best they can. They are always keeping things fun and most importantly, making campers feel comfortable and happy while at ISTC.



3)   Sports!

At ISTC, we play sports, but we also make intentional efforts to integrate fun with learning.  Our program purposefully introduces campers to a different sport each session so that things stay exciting. Our staff is consistently upbeat and true to themselves in hopes of our campers following suit. A good number of our campers said that they were truly able to be who they wanted to be at ISTC.



4)   Recreation Times

Every afternoon, all of ISTC’s signature activities open for campers to pick and choose what they would like to do. This free choice session gives campers the opportunity to customize their camp experience, and build relationships with campers and staff outside of their cabin and sports team. They can even choose to do some extra jet skiing and banana boating!



5)   Canteen

The canteen is our camp store and is always open during camper recreation times.  Drinks, snacks, and merchandise are available but it really is the environment in the boathouse that is so much fun. What is better than hanging out with friends lakeside, while enjoying an ice cream cone and listening to the rec department DJ’s the campers’ favorite tunes?



kids at sports camp


To sum everything up, we strive to give every camper the opportunity to discover their favorite part of the camp experience, but these five things are guaranteed to make anyone fall in love with ISTC!