ISTC’s Family Atmosphere


Our All-Sports and IXTC programs create an upbeat and active environment! It is nearly impossible to jet ski, rock climb, mountain bike, or play team sports with a frown. Although we place an emphasis on creating memories through sports, another element of our camp experience that is just as important is the family atmosphere we look to create.


What do we mean by family atmosphere?

We strive to give campers a home away from home – a place where they feel supported by everyone around them and are guided to be the best version of themselves. We want campers to make friends, feel included, and grow confident taking on all the new activities we offer; just as children do around their parents and siblings at home.



Why focus on making sports camp feel like family?

Making ISTC feel like a family away from home helps the experience feel familiar for campers. Family is associated with feeling appreciated and welcome, so replicating these notions at camp eliminates feelings of homesickness and keeps them excited for everything we offer.



How do we create this atmosphere?

Our programs are intentionally designed to create this family-style atmosphere. It starts with the cabins, as campers are organized into groups by gender, age, and roommate requests so they are with others like them. This cabin group becomes their home base for the week. Together, they’ll eat meals, take on sports activities and our cabin-of-the-week competitions during recreation times. The repeated fun, shared experiences as a group throughout the experience leads to the friendships and memories we want to cultivate.

All campers are joined by their counselors and coaches from around the world, who are there to support the group and lead activities. The staff set the tone for the ISTC experience by modeling behaviors for our campers. From high fiving after wins and losses, cheering on others during adventure activities, keeping the cabin tidy, and so much more, the staff create the feeling that everyone is welcome and valued for everyone to follow. Staff focus on making campers feel their best, so they can do their best day to day.

Between program design and staff attitudes, ISTC should be another place where everyone feels welcome.