Explore ISTC’s Favorite Summer Camp Activities


Our All Sports and IXTC programs are action packed; each day is filled to the brim with various sports and adventure activities. Every day is different, as we rotate campers through a diverse schedule of team sports, lake activities, and high ropes elements – all in just a single week. Despite the diversity, several sports have not only become signature to our programs, but also among our campers’ favorites year after year. Let’s explore!


Jet Ski

Our private lake makes our Waterfront the best place to be during the hot summer months. It is home to giant inflatables and boats, but the star of the show is the opportunity to jet ski. Partnered up with one of our lifeguards, all campers regardless of age, are given the chance to tackle the jet ski course on our lake. It stands out as a novel experience, filled with speed and the lake’s cool breeze.

Banana Boating

It’s not surprising that two of campers’ favorite activities take place at the lake! Similar to jet skiing, banana boating is a new experience for many campers, exclusive to their time at ISTC. Banana boating takes the exhilarating nature of jet ski, and takes it to a different level as campers ride a tube with twists and turns. And more importantly, it’s done with friends! Campers tackle this water rollercoaster with a group of 4-5 others, so the excitement is filled with laughs as everyone takes on the bumps and turns.



Ropes Course

Moving away from the lake and into the trees, our climbing tower, giant swing, and high ropes elements rank among our campers’ favorite camp activities. All three are housed at the Ropes Course, lead by our certified instructors, to safely take everyone into the air. The climbing tower is our rock climbing experience, coupled with a ride on the zip line from the very top. The giant swing resembles an amusement park’s pirate ship ride, with campers soaring back and forth in the air. Last but not least, our high ropes course introduces obstacles in the trees, like spinning logs and tight ropes that campers must overcome to reach the zip line at the end. Year after year, campers tell us they love the feeling of challenge and accomplishment that comes with climbing to new heights.



Mountain Biking

Back on the ground, mountain biking is signature to the ISTC experience! Lead by our adventure program staff, campers take on forested trails with their team. Going into nature and seeing hidden parts of camp make mountain biking a riveting experience. The trail to “The Point” is something every camper should do, as it lets you see camp in full from the opposite side of the lake!



International Sports

With “international sports” in our name, it would be crazy for us to keep them off this list! Each year, we bring in staff from England, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico and more to teach sports from their home countries. Things like rugby, cricket, and Aussie rules football are unique for many campers, and it’s that novelty that sets them a notch above our other sports. With lots of campers participating in competitive sports away from camp, trying something new in a risk free environment is the breathe of fresh air they are looking for.