ISTC Then & Now


As we approach summer 2021 and celebrate our 30th anniversary season, we are fortunate to reflect on 30 years of camp memories, friendships, and more. While the goal of building life skills through sports remains unchanged, our facilities and program have been finely remodeled over the years. Join us on this trip down memory lane, as we look at a bunch of the specific changes to ISTC!


When ISTC began in 1991, we previously offered sport specific weeks. For example, Week 1 would be wrestling, week 2 would be cross-country, and our signature All Sports Program was simply one of the summer options.  Year after year, the popularity for the All Sports week continued to grow – to the point where it became our foundation. The multi-sport program with traditional camp recreation activities that our families know and love continues to see tweaks each summer, but it’s roots draw back to the very beginning.


While 1100 Twin Lake Road has always been home for ISTC, all of the individual buildings and facilities have been renovated in some capacity. Starting with one of the first buildings families see coming through the parking lot (which has only been paved in the last couple years), our Fieldhouse has seen several changes. To name a few, we’ve built and painted walls, added solar panels, and involved our 10-year camper bricks into its main path.

Our other indoor sports building, which we call the Arena (formerly the All Sports Pavilion), has seen updates as well. We’ve completely enclosed it and added a balcony – making our IXTC dodgeball games even more intense.

Our dining hall has also been entirely revamped in the last decade. In 2015, we finished construction on the Lake View Center. This elite dining facility is a treat for us all, and it features meeting rooms downstairs. Our office moved into the previous dining hall and our program directors now live in the old office.

While it would be impossible to articulate every update to ISTC, other notable facilities that have seen upgrades include: Cabins, Waterfront, Climbing Tower, Boathouse, and the IXTC Village.

Despite these changes, our camp’s mission as well as the staff’s commitment to our campers remains firm year after year. We truly look forward to celebrating our 30th anniversary year with all of you!