Our 30th Anniversary Summer


We are beyond excited for our 30th anniversary summer! Last month’s blog covered many of the physical changes ISTC has seen over the decades. However, this special milestone is much more than celebrating new buildings and program additions. Our anniversary summer marks three decades of teaching life skills through sports and building more resilient children through camp!

Our current All Sports and IXTC programs intentionally introduce campers to a variety of different sports and outdoor activities with this purpose in mind. Soccer, basketball, jet ski, ropes course, mountain biking and many more have become signatures at ISTC. Despite moving from one thing to another, we are able to keep things like sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for one other consistent. Without realizing, our campers repeatedly practice these positive qualities without ever practicing the same sport twice.

We also use traditional camp elements as a part of our programs to help our campers grow. Giving campers scheduled time to explore, connect with each other, and try new things is essential for helping them unlock their full potential. Whether it is coming together with their cabin to take on group lip sync or jumping into things like the Silent Disco during recreation times, being with others builds shared experiences and friendships.

Not being able to run our programs this past summer in 2020 has left us more motivated than ever for the upcoming season. Outside of the life skills we strive to instill, we know our campers depend on us – to have fun and to be safe. ISTC is a place where our campers can simply be kids. We remove technology, outside news, and focus on sports, friendships and positive experiences; with the ultimate goal of helping them be their best.

With the world proving to be more unpredictable than ever, kids need to be able look forward to getting back to camp! We can’t wait to welcome everyone together for our 30th anniversary summer!