Importance of Disconnecting


Each year, technology continues to become a more important part of our campers’ lives. With this year becoming more online than ever before, creating time away from screens, phones, video games, and other devices is just as vital. ISTC is and always will remain technology free and here’s why we think our families should make time for it, too.

Time away from technology:

  • Promotes inter-personal relationships
  • Creates distance from hometown drama
  • Places a focus on sports and other hobbies
  • Encourages physical activity

By removing technology from the ISTC experience, we help our campers build friendships and conversational skills. Without having to look down at a screen during sports sessions or recreation times, our campers can simply enjoy connecting with those around them in a more authentic way. Eye contact, listening, and being in the moment with others encourages genuine friendships, but are also great skills for school, work, and life beyond camp.

Disconnecting from technology also allows our campers to distance themselves from stressful situations. By letting go of the cell phone at camp, the barrage of messages on social media gets put on hold. During the ISTC experience; our campers can truly give the camp environment their undivided attention. Unplugging gives our campers time to be themselves and as a result, more independent. Implementing a small window each day at home can help promote similar feelings of identity and escape.

Without the option to skip sports sessions or cabin-of-the-week events to binge TV shows or play video games, our campers are pushed into the action at ISTC. Of course, things like soccer, basketball, ropes course, jet ski, and mountain bike are beneficial for a camper’s physical health, but more notably, the variety of activities we offer gives campers ample opportunities to experience new things. Likewise, having structured time off screen at home ensures hobbies, activities, and other interests have a time and place as well.


Technology is a part of all of our lives and with current times, it will be a part of the daily routine. Be sure to balance it with camp like moments to avoid it from becoming an unhealthy distraction.