ISTC Coming To Your TV!


ISTC Director Kara has been busy getting ready for the summer camp season to kick into full gear, but not before making sure everyone knows about what ISTC has to offer. Connie and George Roberts from The Pocono Mountains Today TV show stopped by ISTC to learn about what makes International Sports Training Camp the best sports camp around.


Connie interviewed Kara and got a first hand look at the facilities on the camp grounds including a sneak peak at some of the construction that’s going on to improve the ever growing camp! During the interview, Connie wanted to make sure she got all the details about what ISTC is all about. Connie asked Kara what kind of sports ISTC offers, Kara happily answered “We do tons of sports activities, you name the sport, we probably play it.” One of the greatest things about ISTC is that you will never have an identical day at camp. Kara explained to Connie that “Each day the camper has a different experience, it’s always changing. They’ll get exposure to sports they might not normally play like cricket, and rugby and even Aussie rules football!”


The Pocono Mountains Today TV show can be seen on Blue Ridge Cable TV, channel 13. The Pocono Mountains Today TV show highlights eight local businesses, restaurants, and programs each month during the segment that runs Monday- Sunday, but not Tuesdays. ISTC will be featured in the April segment to run the entire Month of April on Channel 13! Make sure to tune in and watch the full interview!