Opportunities and Benefits of Working at ISTC


Working at ISTC means you are part of a team that motivates campers to become more independent, responsible, and confident. Whether you are directly involved with our campers, or keeping things organized behind the scenes, everyone plays a major role in improving our campers’ lives and in turn, betters him or herself as a result.

While counselors, coaches, lifeguards, ropes course, and mountain biking staff have the most direct contact given their involvement with our campers, opportunities to get involved at ISTC extend beyond working directly with kids.

Nurses, athletic trainers, site and facility workers, culinary assistants, office administrators, photographers and more make up the ISTC staff family. Not only can these positions supplement full-time employment during the summer months, they also present a unique opportunity to work in a non-traditional business environment and gain experience in the outdoor recreation industry.  For more information on all of the positions we look for each summer, we invite you check out our website.

Improved inter-personal, organizational, and self-awareness skills are a few of the most prominent takeaways from working at ISTC. Regardless of the role, every staff member is tasked with keeping others updated on situations, providing feedback, and giving instructions. Articulating ideas in a friendly, concise manner is a constant and truly becomes second nature by the end of the summer. Becoming more organized is also something that happens as a result of the camp environment. ISTC runs on an action packed schedule between all of the sports sessions, recreation times, and meals. Moving from session to session is one thing, but learning to manage different responsibilities across various times and days helps everyone become more responsible.

Lastly, everyone finishes the summer with a stronger sense of self. Just like our campers, our staff is put in positions to co-exist and thrive with those from different backgrounds. By surrounding yourself with people and styles of work that are distinct, it becomes easy to discover what makes you tick as an individual. Being a more organized communicator that can work well with others can positively impact any job outside of ISTC.

We are beginning to build our team for summer 2021 and if you interested in any position, we would love to connect. Our applications for the upcoming season are live on our website and you may also email staffing@international-sports.comfor additional information.