From Dusk till Dawn: A Day in the Life of an All-Sports Overnight Camper


Whether your camper is set to attend Week 1, Week 9, or any other session in between, they’ll get to experience the ISTC renowned All Sports or IXTC program.

All specialized activities such as jet skis, banana boats, mountain bikes, ropes course and zip lines run in the same fashion week after week. Other coveted activities like the Wednesday night dance, Friday evening sports tournament and Friday night silent disco also take place the same way each camp session. Regardless of your dates, the ISTC experience is universal – let’s dive in to a typical day!



7:00-8:00am – Wake Up & Cabin Cleaning

Campers and counselors will wake up as a group to prepare for the day. Groups will also be responsible for tidying the cabin during this time. The counselors will tackle the harder tasks like cleaning the toilets, but campers will ensure their beds are made, luggage is neat, and help with keeping the porches organized. This cleaning is part of the weekly cabin-of-the-week competition, which keeps campers motivated while learning skills that carryover to home life.


8:00-9:00am – Breakfast

We have three structured meals each day. Cabins are all called in together to go through the hot line, which contains favorites such as waffles, French toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns spread throughout the week. There are classics daily, including toast, bagels, cereal, yogurt, granola, and oatmeal as well. Campers have an action-packed day, so we build our menu to give campers the fuel they need.


9:15-11:30am – Sports Session #1

This is the first activity period of the day! Campers will report to their assigned co-ed teams, which are a mix of campers from their cabin and those of the same age from other bunks. Teams rotate through sport activities at different times throughout the week, but everyone will take on the same activities by the week’s end. These include the adventure activities like jet skiing and rock climbing, as well as team sports like soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. Everyone does everything, just at different times!



12:00am-1:00pm – Lunch

Just like breakfast, cabins are called in together to eat lunch. While menus can vary slightly from week to week based on what’s available, there are several lunches that have established tradition! Taco Tuesday and Pizza Thursday are camper favorites that repeat from week to week!


1:00-2:30pm – Event & Recreation Time

Following lunch, campers will have their first recreation event and free choice period of the day. Events are whole cabin competitions that grow in scale throughout the week! Monday’s are always an eating competition, where a representative from each cabin will eat a food item related to the weekly theme as quickly as possible. Other events include relays, sport challenges, and other group competitions, all tied to the weekly theme. The themes are different each week, but the structure of events remains the same.

Following the event, the rest of this period is simply free choice for campers. They can pick between the signature activities like the waterfront, ropes course, and mountain bike or simply relax at the Canteen. This time is great for campers who want to jump ahead to activities scheduled later in the week or revisit their favorites. The choice is theirs and cabins will reconvene as a group before moving onto the next part of the day.



3:00-5:00pm – Sports Session #2

The assigned teams meet up for the second structured activity of the day! This sport will be a different activity from the morning session, as our program is designed to introduce campers to a variety of unique sports. On top of the adventure activities, we want our international coaches to teach sports from their home countries, including rugby, cricket, and Aussie rules football.



5:00-6:00pm – Dinner

The final full meal of the day. Just like lunch, there are a few days of the week that have set menus. Sunday dinner is Thanksgiving themed while Wednesday dinner is American cookout. Our Food Service team for ISTC, also prepares our wedding and event menu in the non-summer months, so we are fortunate to bring such quality towards the camp experience.


6:15-8:00pm – Sports Session #3

Teams will take on the third and final sport of the day. Just like the morning and afternoon sessions, it will feature another unique activity lead by our coaching staff. Campers can enjoy pickleball, our waterfront Wibit obstacle course, or head to the Arena for an epic dodgeball game!



8:30-10:00pm – Event & Recreation Time

The evening recreation sessions feature another cabin-of-the-week competition! The evening events are more involved compared to the afternoons, meaning they involve more campers and are worth more points towards the title. These can include things like full cabin lip sync routines, synchronized swims, or camp created competitions like the beloved “Staff Hunt” or “Bring Me”.

Wednesday nights take a break from the competition with a dance, but we award bonus points for cabins that dress according to the theme!

Following the event, campers are welcome to relax and enjoy snacks at the Canteen, our camp store. For campers that still have energy, the Fieldhouse and Volleyball Courts are lighted and open for games of soccer, basketball, pickleball and more.



10:45pm – Lights Out

That’s a wrap on a camp day; the best part is we get to do it all again the next day!