The Canteen


The canteen is our one stop for all things ISTC during the week. With plenty of kid friendly food options, ISTC merchandise, and a hangout environment, the canteen plays a major role in every camper’s experience.

The canteen runs directly out of our Boathouse, which is at the center of camp overlooking the Waterfront. With plenty of outdoor furniture to enjoy the view, the canteen quickly becomes a favorite spot to grab something to eat and relax with friends.


patio furniture overlooking trout lake


Each day, the canteen opens in the afternoon from 1:00-3:00pm and again in the evening from 8:30pm-10:00pm. Campers can come and go to any of the three serving windows as they please since the canteen is only one of the many things that opens during our recreation sessions.

The snacks and desserts offered through the canteen make it the ideal spot for campers to visit mid afternoon and in the evening. From things like chocolate milk and fruit to more camp favorite items like french fries, pizza, and gelato, the canteen has a little something for everyone.

We also offer a variety of souvenir and clothing items for campers who want to leave ISTC with a bit of camp. With new designs each season, the pinnies, hoodies, t-shirts, and long-sleeves are great for showing camp spirit during sports sessions and chilly nights. Other popular items include ISTC playing cards, beach towels, and tote bags. We even package up these goodies in convenient care packages that are delivered to the camper’s cabin each day.


girls at international sports training camp


The canteen is an entirely cash-less system so campers will not need to have money on them during their stay. Parents will prepay an account when paying for their camp balance or with cash during check-in. While the amount set is entirely up to the family, we recommend around $10-15 per day, which will end up being $50-100 for the week. Parents are more than welcome to call during their camp week for an amount update and can add money to their campers account if needed.

When you checkout, we directly refund all leftover spending money so there is no risk of over-budgeting. We provide a print out receipt of everything the camper purchased for your records as well. The canteen is open during check-in and all checkout dates, so we suggest purchasing any clothing and souvenirs for home at these times to minimize the risk of it getting lost during the camp week.

While the canteen is most known for its food and merchandise, it is truly home to friendships and memories for many campers. For more information on anything related to the canteen, please feel free to contact the office.


boys eating lunch at summer camp