5 Tips for Getting Ready for Summer


We are more excited than ever for everyone to be back at International Sports Camp located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Whether you are a returning veteran or joining us for the first time, these tips will help you feel ready and confident for the experience to come.

1) Packing: A successful week starts with the things you bring! We have a full packing list included in our preparing for camp guide. A few things to emphasize would be a re-usable water bottle, a mesh laundry bag for the cabin, a drawstring bag for sports sessions, and multiple masks for this year only.



2) Canteen: We have a camp store (which we call the canteen) with snacks and merchandise that opens each recreation period. Families are able to pre-pay an account that campers can spend from during the week, which is one less thing to worry about on check-in day. The canteen’s options are definitely made for the kids in mind: French fries, pizza, hot pretzels, ice cream, etc. so it is a favorite spot to hang out with friends.



3) Familiarize: Moving into a new environment for the week can be scary for some, so becoming more familiar with the different spots around camp can help. We offer in person tours by appointment but also, have a full virtual tour for those interested in seeing more of ISTC. Further, we have an “At Camp” Guide, which focuses on a day in the life information at camp – everything from a sample schedule to details on dining and more!



4) Cabins: The cabins are camper’s first impressions of ISTC, so having a proper picture of what to expect can make all the difference. All of our campers live and sleep in lakeside cabins during the camp experience. While many films depict camp cabins as extremely rustic, ours are quite modern. With individual bathrooms and showers, porches overlooking the lake, plus house fans for cooling and ventilation, our cabins are a little bit of camp luxury!



5) Labeling: With group shared living, things can get misplaced during the week. We have a lost and found area on camp grounds, so we recommend labeling clothes, towels, and other items for safe return. We sort through items once a day and return labeled items to campers. Companies like Stickerkid offer both iron and non-iron labels to make sure none of your items go missing.



We hope this information helps you feel ready for the ISTC experience, but if anything else comes to mind, we invite you to get in touch with our office!