Our Favorite Summer Activities at ISTC


Identifying our favorite camp activities is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. It depends on the day… kidding! All of the sports, activities, and moments we offer bring a special energy to the ISTC experience. Without everything coming together, camp simply wouldn’t feel like camp, so this summer, we are looking forward to doing all of our favorite things.

Traditional Sports: Our All Sports program lives up to its name! We love to play soccer, basketball, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, and other field and court-based sports. We especially enjoy how our coaching staff makes these sports approachable and fun to all of our campers, even those without heavy sports backgrounds.

Adventure Sports: Aside from traditional sports, we enjoy introducing campers to jet skiing, banana boating, rock climbing, zip lining, and mountain biking. Each of these activities is built into our programs! Not only are they exciting, but they encourage our campers to expand their comfort zones and try new things.

kids getting food at summer camp

Signature Meals: We are fortunate that our chefs are part of our full-time team, meaning the crew that cooks for our weddings and special events at Trout Lake also cook for camp. Our team also has experience with gluten free and other dietary needs options. Some of our signature meals like Wednesday Cookouts and Pizza Thursdays redefine the expectations for camp dining and bring a smile to everyone all summer, making them some of our favorites. 

Recreation Events: As a sports camp, competition is a part of everything we do; however, our recreation (rec.) events introduce contests in a camp spirited way. With each week having a unique theme, no week’s recreation events are exactly the same! From eating competitions to relays, these events are great at bringing the cabins together.

girls eating ice cream

Canteen Time: While time for snacks in between all of the major activities isn’t flashy, it’s a time where the schedule slows down for a little and our campers can simply enjoy where they’re at with friends, old and new. Building life skills and friendships happens in all different forms for everyone at ISTC. For many campers, it takes place at the Boathouse, sitting on the back deck overlooking the lake with an ice cream.


Here at ISTC, we can’t wait  for summer to begin, and see what new things from this year we can add to the list!