The Gift of Camp


As fall turns to winter, the task of purchasing the perfect gift for friends and family returns to challenge us all. New clothes, phones, and video games all provide an immediate solution, but in a year, the items no longer fit, lose their quality, or are outdated by the next best thing.

Consider giving the gift of camp this holiday season. When you gift camp, you are giving more than a weeklong sports experience. You are giving your child an experience where they build lifelong friendships and learn timeless values.

Playing sports and building friendships are only part of the ISTC experience. Our main goal is to teach campers life skills through sports. We strive to give campers shared experiences and a comfortable space to be themselves. All weeklong, campers are in their groups playing, laughing, talking, eating and experiencing everything we have to offer without any outside pressures.

Living away from home, meeting new people, and trying different activities are all steps in becoming a more confident, open-minded individual. Even the small things that become routine while at ISTC such as making their bed, cleaning up dishes after meal time, and high-fiving everyone, translate back to life at home in a positive way. Our objective in our camp culture is to create an environment where campers are able to be the best versions of themselves.

Consider giving the gift of camp this holiday season. You simply cannot put a price on sports, friends, and learning life lessons.