Hiring ISTC Staff


When you arrive to ISTC on Sunday check-in, you will be greeted by a variety of smiles, waves, and hellos. You’ll hear several accents in the mix, and when you come back for checkout later in the week, you’ll hear amazing stories of your camper’s favorite coaches and counselors. How exactly did all these international staff members come to work at ISTC?

It all starts with our hiring process. Our staff is selected from around the world because you simply cannot have International Sports Training Camp without international staff. More importantly, having staff from different countries provides our campers with fresh experiences and introduces them to new cultures.

For any position at camp, it is a prerequisite to enjoy working with kids, show responsibility and have teaching or coaching experience. In addition, we truly look for people who radiate passion and character. We strive to encourage campers to be themselves, and we cannot do that unless our staff does the same. Confidence, generosity, creativity, and hilariousness – anything that distinguishes someone as a unique role model for our campers is really what makes an ISTC staff member.

Each year, our directors travel to several countries and physically meet with everyone who is interested in working at ISTC through job fairs. After a detailed interview and background check process, we build a team of international staff ready to tackle the summer to come.

Our American staff goes through a similar process and many of them attended ISTC as campers. Their drive to mold campers’ experiences in the same way they were impacted as kids is powerful.

Our team is nearly 170 strong in the summertime, everyone with distinct personalities but with one common goal of helping everyone who comes through the gates at 1100 Twin Lake Road to have a wonderful and special camp experience.