Packing Tips for Summer


With summer on the horizon, we want to highlight our packing list!

It is written as a checklist so that it can be used as a resource for when you are actually packing your suitcase or duffel; however, this blog post will provide some context as to why we recommend specific items.



  • Clothing

For a single week, be sure to be to pack enough clothes for the entire length of stay! Clothing should light, comfortable, and suited for outdoor play. T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, athletic pants, socks – essentially whatever you like to run around in during the summer months is perfect for camp. Most campers wear a single outfit per day, but having a few extra tops and bottoms is a good idea, given how active our schedule is. And make sure to remember at least two camp appropriate swim suits for all those fun waterfront sessions!


  • Laundry Bag

Simply having one dedicated spot for dirty clothes at the end of each day can make a positive difference. Keeping clean and dirty separate allows campers to focus on the fun elements of camp, rather than feeling self-conscious!


  • Fan

While our cabins have large internal exhaust fans that keep airflow moving, we still encourage everyone to pack a bedside. All cabins have outlets so a plug in fan would work, although we suggest battery operated or ones with recharge batteries most of all. Having a fan ensures that even on the hottest of summer days, your camper is comfortable in the cabin.


  • Towels

You’ll want towels for both showering and drying off from the lake; having a few of each is recommended. The cabins have places for towels to dry in between uses so bringing 2-3 of each ensures your camper has a good one whenever they need! Going to waterfront sessions, many campers bring a drawstring bag to keep their towel, water bottle, and flip flops/slides together while they enjoy the activities.


Girls Cabin Excited


Between these tips and the full list, we hope everything is feeling prepared for the summertime ahead. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at office@international-sports.com