Green Initiatives at ISTC


We are most known for our sports programming and positive atmosphere, but did you know that we place a major emphasis on reducing our environmental footprint?! Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on our green initiatives and this month’s blog will detail some of the ways we keep ISTC environmentally conscious.

1) Solar Power

We have solar panels on both sides of the camp property to generate power for many of the facilities. Most notably, our Fieldhouse next to our parking lot has had solar panels since 2011. In it’s first 14 months after installation, the 40-kilowatt solar PV system generated 69,239 kw of electricity, which equates to saving roughly 117,000 tons of carbon emission. Now with over a decade of utilizing solar energy, the impact has been monumental.

2) Re-purposing Fallen Trees

Being in such a rustic environment, storms unfortunately take down some of the trees on property; however, we are able to make the best of the situation by re-purposing these fallen trees into different wooden pieces on camp. The barn doors in our dining hall, bars for our event season, wedding arbors, and our firewood containers are a few of the best examples. These pieces not only add flair to our building, but also save us from having to use additional resources.

3) Facility Amenities

From switching all of our lightbulbs to LED’s, to using house fans over air conditioning in our cabins to keep things cool, we’ve implemented several things to limit our emissions. Additionally, one of the most prominent ways we reduce waste is through our dining hall. We use reusable plates, cups, and silverware to minimize the use of plastic products. Our dish return is also organized, so that we can load our dishwasher optimally to use the least amount of water possible.

girls at summer camp in canteen eating breakfast

While these are only a few of the ways we stay environmentally conscious, initiatives like these will remain a priority, as they help preserve the natural beauty of ISTC.