Packing Tips and Checking in at ISTC


With the start of summer 2017 just around the corner, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to give your camper an awesome week at ISTC. From packing tips to an overview of the Sunday check-in process, this blog will give you the insider’s perspective on all things ISTC.

Packing Tips and Tricks

Here are some recommendations that truly enhance the cabin living experience:

1)   Battery Operated Fan – These fans are easy to pack, can be placed anywhere, and typically have clips that can attach to the frame of our bunks.

2)   Mesh Laundry Bag – A cheap and simple way to help your camper keep dirty clothes separated from clean items.

3)   Multiple Towels – A towel for showering and one for the Waterfront is definitely recommended. Showering with a sandy towel is not on our list of activities for the week!

4)   Multiple Shoes – Although all campers must wear sneakers to sports sessions, having a pair of sandals, flip flops, or slides for the Waterfront and down times can keep things comfortable. It also helps to have a second pair of sneakers for unexpected rain.

5)   Camera – ISTC is all about creating life-long memories! Our photographers work tirelessly to take and upload photos daily, but having photos from a camper’s perspective is a powerful way to capture the ISTC experience.

6)   A Notebook and Pen – After a week of making new friends, we hope the bonds created at ISTC continue throughout the remainder of the year and beyond. Having a notebook and pen is an easy way to write down everyone’s contacts, Instagram handles, and more!

7)   Sports Equipment – During the sports sessions, ISTC will provide all sporting equipment. However, having your own soccer ball, or other favorite piece can be great to use in your free time. Just remember to put your name on it!


Sunday Check-In

Sunday check-in runs from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm. When you arrive, our staff in their signature green polo shirts will be at the front gate to greet you and help with parking. Once inside you’ll make your way to the large, metal building directly next to the parking lot to begin the check-in process.

Stop #1: The Fieldhouse

The Fieldhouse is where you will receive your cabin number, counselor names, and take advantage of special camp extras if you choose. Jet skiing and use of the banana boat are two campers’ favorite activities; many choosing to sign up for an extra session, which are $50 and $30 respectively. On the other hand, care packages are ideal for parents looking to give their camper a little something mid-week. We offer different packages that consist of apparel, souvenirs, and other fun things to get in the camp spirit.

Stop #2: The Health Center

The Health Center is a quick walk down our main path from the Fieldhouse. Stop here to speak with our camp nurses and drop off any medications for the week. Once finished, you will make your way to your camper’s cabin!

Stop #3: The Cabin

Arriving to the cabin is where all of the excitement of camp will start to kick in. You will have a chance to chat with the counselors, meet other families, and take the time to help your camper get organized. All of our bunks are pre-assigned so there is no rush to beat the crowd. Enjoy settling in and when you’re ready, make your way down to the Waterfront.

Stop #4: The Waterfront

With three different sessions during the week and open daily during recreation times, the Waterfront is a staple to the ISTC experience. Every camper will go through a quick swim evaluation with our lifeguard team, which is refreshing on a hot, sunny day. Then, you may venture over to the Boathouse where our canteen is located. Here, you can purchase food, apparel or souvenirs. After, it’s time to head back to the cabin to say see you later for the week.