Getting Ready For Summer


Preparing for ISTC goes beyond the required forms and payments. We strive to provide as much information as possible to our campers before they arrive, so that the ISTC experience is that much better during their stay with us. (If you have not already received our first time camper guide, click here to check it out!)

Step One: Building Confidence

For many new campers, feeling confident and prepared before check-in is the key to a successful week. We encourage families to explore our first-time camper guide, as it explains the daily schedule, living arrangements, and more.

We also recommend giving your campers ownership of the camp experience where possible, to allow them to get acclimated to the idea of camp. Let them tell other family members and teachers about attending ISTC. Have them join you on any shopping trips for things off the packing list. Discuss the things they are most excited about at camp. Creating a positive image around being away from home can truly set the tone for their stay.

kids registering for sports camp

Step Two: Camp Extras

The camp tuition covers all of the activities, lodging, and meals; however, there are extras to keep in mind to enhance the ISTC experience.

Canteen & Care Packages – Our camp store is called “The Canteen” and has plenty of snacks, drinks, and ISTC merchandise for purchase. It is open each day during afternoon and evening recreation times. Families prepay on an account to start the week, and campers simply sign off on each purchase using the account balance. Anything not spent is refunded at the end of the week and you are able to top off the account mid-week if needed through our online store.

Bunk Notes – Through your parent CampinTouch account, you are able to take advantage of the bunk note system called CampStamps. These stamps allow you to write to your favorite camper during the week and each message is delivered to him or her directly.

Photos – ISTC uploads photos to our website’s gallery, free to view, every day during the summertime. Our media team cycles between all of the different cabins and sports groups to capture a day in the life at camp. Individual and cabin photos can also be purchased online as print copies for any scrapbooking needs.

sports camp cabin 6 summer 2018

Step Three: Packing for Camp

Our packing list includes all of the necessary items to have a great week at ISTC.

Each camper receives drawers to unpack their items, although many choose to keep their bulk items like extra towels, sweatshirts, and rain jackets in their bag underneath their bed. There is a 15-inch clearing between the bunk and ground so most duffle bags and suitcases slide underneath without a problem. Be sure to label your items, as things can always get misplaced. We keep lost & found on the property, which allows us to identify any of your labeled items.

mom dropping off son at summer camp
Step Four: Have Fun

Most importantly, have the best time! ISTC has been making memories since 1991 and we can’t wait for you to experience everything we have to offer. See you this summer!

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