Educating Children at Summer Camp: A Blog by Krausey


female campers at ISTC

If you know International Sports Training Camp, you know how important our staff members are to us. We strongly believe that they are the foundation that keeps ISTC going and we take pride in each and every one of them. Most of our staff live internationally and spend ten weeks with us in the Pocono Mountains during the summer and are large contributors to the priceless ISTC experience.

Emma Krause, or better known as Krausey, first joined us for Summer 2015 and she has been an inspiring counselor and coach over the past two years. Not only is she an excellent role model to the campers, but she is respected and adored among the staff as well.

Krausey, who is from Temora, Australia, chose to embark on a thrilling new adventure after her summer at ISTC came to an end. Always having had a calling to work with children, and specifically teaching, she followed her heart and a lifelong dream and applied to teach internationally. Krausey got accepted into a teaching program in Thailand, and knowing it was an opportunity of a lifetime, she jumped on the prospect. She packed up and moved to Song, Thailand, where she will be living for the next 12 months teaching English to children.

Krausey has decided to document this exhilarating adventure through a blog, where she shares her experiences and beautiful photos and gives us a first seat pass to vicariously join her on this journey. Check out her latest blog where she mentions ISTC while discussing her passion for teaching and the importance of educating children and providing them experiences for life-long learning outside the classroom.

Check out her blog here!