Fall in Love with Camp Food at ISTC


When you’re sending your child away to camp for the first time, there are a million and one things running through your brain. What do I pack? Can I call them while they’re away? What sports will they play? At ISTC, one of the biggest questions we’re asked is “What kind of food will my child be eating, and is it good?” Not only will your child eat well, but there’s also a good chance that the camp food will be one of their top ten favorite things about ISTC! How do we know this? Our campers tell us!

DSC_1024There’s something for everyone on our ISTC menu. Even the pickiest of eaters can find a meal that they’ll enjoy. We believe in preparing fresh and healthy meals that kids love to eat! We grow our own herb garden and shop local markets for fresh summer produce. We believe in homemade and do our best to make all our meals from scratch.

We are also sensitive to campers with special dietary needs. Chef Rick is more than happy to talk to any parent who has a camper with a dietary restriction before camp or during our check-in to ensure that your camper is a happy one. Chef Rick has his certification from the Culinary Institute of America and offers a Gluten-Free Menu that is certified by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Chef Rick is also certified by SafeFARE, a program of the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), who is the leading organization working on behalf of the 15 million Americans with food allergies.

ISTC is completely nut free, which means you won’t find any peanut butter on our PB&Js. However, we do offer a delicious soy-nut butter that is so rich and creamy, your camper won’t be able to taste the difference. Fresh fruit, salad bar, vegetarian options, and gluten-free options are just a few of the ways we keep our campers healthy and fueled with the right energy they need to tackle each day at ISTC.

We keep mealtime fun for our campers by having different themes that encompass many different types of foods. Take Mexican night for an example: a variety of tacos, enchiladas, Spanish rice, tortilla chips, salsa, churros and more! All of these delicious items are prepared in our kitchen by our Executive Chef and his team.

Maybe your camper is a fan of the all American classics like hot dogs and hamburgers? Look no further than our Wednesday night cookouts. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, corn on the cob, fresh fruit, veggies, chips, cupcakes, shortcakes, brownies, EVERYTHING delicious and cook out related to make your camper feel like they’re at a traditional family picnic, while being at camp.

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One of our most popular meals at camp is absolutely our pizza. Pizza Tuesdays are the mealtime highlight of the week for some of our campers. Each pizza day includes traditional cheese and a second specialty pizza. Hawaiian, veggie, meat lovers and margarita are just a few pizzas your camper might get to try for lunch. Our kitchen staff is always finding new and creative ways to spice up mealtime for our campers.  We know that all of our campers leave every meal full and talking about what’s coming next.

We’d love for you to join us this summer so your child can experience what ISTC is all about and enjoy some nutritious and delicious food while they’re here. We look forward to serving all of our campers some healthy, delicious, and filling meals summer after summer!