Camp is the Gift that Keeps on Giving


Feeling consumed by the craziness of the holiday season is inevitable. A jar of holiday cookies is snickering at you to eat “just one more” while all the television specials are begging you to sit down, relax, and avoid all responsibilities. Not to mention, you are probably juggling the most overwhelming question, “What should I get for my child?”

Give the gift of sports camp this holiday season. It is the gift that keeps on giving long after their time at camp.

Why Camp is the Perfect Gift

Camp is a merely a four letter word used to describe an entire world of positive change. Spending a week away from familiar friends and family places a child in a new, foreign environment; however, learning to thrive in this type of setting instills a sense of confidence and boldness that will forever impact his/her actions. Camp allows a child to take this leap into the unknown in the safest way possible. Counselors, coaches, and other members of staff all work to support children as they take calculated risks and develop a willingness to try new things.

Through an engaging, sports camp program, children not only have a fantastic time playing sports, but also expose themselves to the benefits of exploring new interests. Whether they are climbing a rock wall for the first time or venturing down the super steep mountain bike trail, children become accustomed to stepping out of their comfort zone to experience thrill, excitement, and more opportunities overall.

Camp continually leads by example for children to follow. With Cabin of the Week competitions comes fiery, competitive passion. Yet, counselors and coaches are trained to remain positive and respectful regardless of the outcome, cultivating a similar culture amongst the campers. Competing in a camp wide competition with your cabin further provides children the chance to become invested in a purpose greater than themselves.  Children drop their individual egos and begin placing the group as the top priority. Learning to put others first at key times is a powerful step towards becoming a compassionate, polite adult.

Camp creates self-advocating communicators as well. Moving into a cabin filled with 20 new faces influences children to vocalize their interests and needs. Morning shower or night shower? Soccer or basketball during rec. time? Rock and roll or pop music in the cabin? The list of things a child must choose is endless and assuming this responsibility encourages independent thinking. Similarly, building friendships with these new faces transforms even the shyest of children into individuals who can create connections and understand different types of people.

Give the gift of camp this holiday season. You simply cannot put a price on lifelong friendships and timeless values.