Camp is like Thanksgiving


Historically, Thanksgiving started as a journey of discovery in a new world. Now, Thanksgiving is the single occasion during the year where everyone comes together to cherish their bonds and continue traditions. Camp at ISTC mirrors this experience!

cabin at trout lake at ISTC

For portions of the summer each year, our campers embark on a trip away from home to spend time at ISTC. Whether they are simply driving across the PA state border or flying internationally, campers are leaving the familiar behind to start a weeklong adventure.

Once arrived, both first-time and returning campers are greeted by new people in a distinct environment. Our new campers may be away from home for the very first time and returners are most likely in a disparate cabin compared to the previous summer. Regardless of the background, everyone is tasked with becoming comfortable in the initially uncomfortable, and this common starting place helps bring our campers and staff together.

ISTC activity and tradition strive to help campers in this goal. Year after year, we build our programs on variety; we introduce our campers to a multitude of sports and activities to create new opportunity and interests. We implement our cabin of the week competitions and themes to build culture around each individual week of camp. But most of all, the values that fuel these activities never change.

Respect, positivity, and self-expression serve as our camp’s driving force and truly define the ISTC tradition. Staff members come and go, activities change, and facilities are added, although ISTC will always be a place for campers to better themselves while making friends and having fun in the process. Through our commitment to these ideals, the magic of ISTC is maintained year after year.

camp counselors at ISTC

Camp is like Thanksgiving. Campers from all over the world will travel to ISTC this summer and experience our tradition firsthand. It is a time to celebrate both old and new and we hope you will be a part of our family this season.

beautiful trout lake view