Summer 2016 Recreation Themes!


As most of you already know, each week of the summer at ISTC has a different theme! Themes are special and unique, some are fan favorites while others are brand new, and all of them are incorporated into everything we do during the week. From the recreation events to the costumes for the Wednesday night dance, our campers and staff love having something different each week to go all out for, and to keep things fresh all summer long. So, without further ado… introducing the 2016 recreation themes:

2016 Rec Themes

Themes add an element of fun and surprise to camp, so there are never any mandatory supplies or items needed to bring with you regarding the theme. At ISTC, we even have an entire recreation department that provides a lot of props, costumes, and miscellaneous supplies that counselors and campers can use throughout the week! Though we never give away all the exciting details about the theme, here is just a little more information about what each week will entail:

Week 1: Color Games – Each cabin will be assigned a color to embrace for the week, but no one will know which color they get until you arrive on Check In day! Expect a lot of face paint, and a very colorful week! Packing tip: Bring as many colors of clothing as you can!

Week 2: Tropical – You’ll find yourself in a tropical paradise this week, with all things beach, ocean, island, surfing, and more!

Week 3: America the Beautiful – A week long celebration for the Fourth of July! Expect lots of patriotism and USA chants. Packing tip: Red. White. Blue.

Week 4: Welcome to Hollywood – Also known as Blockbuster Week, we take the week to embrace our favorite motion pictures! Expect all the movie references you can imagine!

Week 5: ISTC Music Awards – A brand new theme for 2016, we follow movie week with music week! Think of your favorite songs, bands, and musicians, and go crazy!

Week 6: College Rivalry – Giving our campers a taste of the collegiate life! Campers will find out which American university they will be representing once they arrive on Sunday, so bring your spirit! Packing tip: any college apparel you might already have!

Week 7: State Pride – We are so proud to receive campers from all around the country, and this is the time to show it off! Cabins will become U.S. States for the week!

Week 8: Olympics – Cabins will be assigned a different country to cheer for during the 2016 Olympic Games! Expect to learn a lot of interesting facts about other nations, and the chance to watch some of the Olympics with all of camp!

Week 9: Superhero – A definite favorite among both campers and staff, superhero week is back! Time to sport all your favorite superhero apparel…and don’t forget about those villains!

Week 10: Top Ten – In honor of our extra special bonus week of camp, Week 10 will display the best of the best of ISTC! That means incorporating all the best rec events, themes, and activities all in one awesome week. Expect to have a blast!!

For even more theme week inspiration, you can always check out our Pinterest! It’s full of fun ideas for each week of camp!