Stay in Touch with ISTC Virtually


Despite the uncertain situation around us all, one thing that remains clear and consistent is ISTC’s determination to be a place of overwhelming positivity for our campers. More than ever, our social media is filled with different types of ways to interact with each other and us.

Similar to our days during the summer, each day on social media currently features a theme and a way to get involved in the camp spirit!

Monday: Motivation Monday includes a piece of knowledge from our Assistant Director Ed. Our goal is always to teach life skills through sports and Ed’s insight each week is a reminder of the power we all possess to do great things!

Tuesday: Tuesdays are for Trivia with Tanya! It’s a great opportunity for our returning campers to test their knowledge of all things ISTC. We also share the answers so that even first-time campers can learn a little bit about the fun they’re going to have.

Wednesday: Both our All Sports and IXTC programs are all about disconnecting and enjoying outdoor sports; it’s only fitting that one-day of our week is dedicated to this notion. Workout Wednesday with Mariah is a call to action to move! Mariah walks everyone through low stress, minimal equipment workouts to help everyone shake off a bit of the cabin fever.

Thankful Thursdays: Positivity is one of the core values at ISTC. In this time of disruption and uncertainty, it is important that we take some time to remember what we are all thankful for – camp included!

TikTok: Check out our staff as we take on many of the different trends and dances on TikTok! This social media platform is purely for fun and a unique way to see your favorites in action.

We’ll continue to do our best to keep everyone optimistic and thinking of warmer camp days during these times. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch with our team at office@international-sport.com – looking forward to another amazing summer!