ISTC Waterfront 2018


Between the three sports sessions dedicated to the jet skis, banana boats, and water elements and the countless afternoons available for swimming and playing, the Waterfront quickly becomes many campers’ favorite spot at ISTC. With this mind each year, we look to keep things exciting by upgrading equipment or adding entirely new pieces.

New for summer 2018, we are happy to introduce a variety of new items to our Waterfront. We have rebuilt our docks to ensure we have strong foundation for years to come. More notably, we have added a half pipe to our existing Wibit set and are getting an entirely new blob and blob tower.

Our Wibit Adventure Course makes up a large portion of our water obstacle course and the half pipe will be a direct addition onto our action tower, trampoline, and bridge elements. All of the Wibit pieces connect, meaning the half pipe is linked to all of the other pieces as well.

The blob is our massive rectangular shaped float that works like a seesaw in the water. One camper jumps from up high to launch another lucky camper into the air. The blob is a ‘must do’ activity on our Waterfront. To make sure everyone continues to fly high, we have an upgraded replacement being installed for the upcoming summer.


We will also be introducing key log rolling to our Waterfront. For the first time ever, campers will learn how to run on a spinning log and take part in this traditional sport at ISTC.



On top of these new items, we are excited to add more paddleboards and corcles, circle shaped kayaks. As much as we love to see campers running, jumping, and swimming on our large inflatables, we understand that simply being on the water with friends is a just as much fun.



The Waterfront continues to be a highlight of the ISTC experience. We can’t for you all to experience all of the new additions in summer 2018!