How to Prepare your Kiddo for Summer Camp


Being registered for the upcoming summer at this point in the year traditionally means campers are over the moon excited for the experience to come; however, we also know that new or distant experiences can be met with a bit of uncertainty as well. This month’s blog post will be focused on helping campers mentally prepare for the good times to come!



Going in blind to any situation can be tough, so we recommend campers familiarize themselves with all things ISTC as much as possible leading up to the summertime. Our website hosts several resources to help illustrate the ISTC experience; a few of our favorites are the “Welcome to ISTC” video and the Virtual Tour. Learning more about our programs can help answer any questions, but also seeing previous campers have the time of their life can show them that they, too, will have fun.


If campers feel they are being forced into camp, it can be met with adversity so giving campers opportunity to own the experience is an important step in promoting a positive attitude toward ISTC. One example of this notion is allowing campers to tell extended family, friends, and teachers directly that they’ll be going to camp. This way, they’ll be excited to share their upcoming experience instead of seeing it as something that has been planned for them. Another way to give campers ownership is to involve them in the preparation. From shopping for things off of our packing list together or having them jump in on a phone call to our office to ask a question, their constant participation can help them feel that the experience is truly for them.




Emulating the camp experience at home can also be beneficial, as there some key differences that can surprise campers who are not ready. One of the main differences is sleeping away from parents, but sleepovers with friends and family can help combat this change. Additionally, the lack of technology at camp can also be a bit alarming so practicing time away from screens or even going to bed without TV in the week leading up to check-in can have a positive impact. They say practice makes perfect, and camp is no exception!



We’d love to help you get ready for the camp experience, so if you needed to chat through these ideas and more, feel free to give us a call! We are looking forward to providing another summer full of experiences to all our campers!