Coronavirus FAQ’s

Coronavirus Announcement

Updated June 6th

We have made the heartbreaking decision to suspend camp operations for the summer of 2020. Arriving at this decision has been incredibly difficult, and announcing it is devastating. We were tireless in our pursuit of information and guidelines that would allow us to operate our sports based program in a responsible manner, without sacrificing the amazing ISTC experience. Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to make sure ISTC can continue for years to come, is to pause operations for now. In short, operating during this COVID pandemic is simply not possible.

This is a hard decision for the business, for our small year-round staff, and for us personally.


Did ISTC consider alternatives to postponing the entire summer?

YES! We looked at a variety of options including starting camp later in the summer, reducing camper capacity, changes to schedules to limit cross-interactions, changes or eliminating large group gatherings such as recreation events, dances and awards, and different dining room scenarios. We also explored different options for cleaning and sanitizing various areas.

Is your sister camp, International Gymnastics Camp (IGC), going to be open this summer?

The staff at IGC are reviewing the proposed guidelines for their unique gymnastics environment. They have currently decided to postpone the start of their summer until July 5, and they will continue to review the 2020 schedule as more safety information is made available.

What are my options regarding my payment?

We want to stress that we will be fulfilling our obligations and no family currently registered for 2020 will lose any money.

As we are sure you can understand, summer camps operate on a seasonal budget and any payments made have already been spent on operating costs for our year-round staff and facilities over the winter months. ISTC is one of the many small family businesses that has been heavily affected by this pandemic.

With that in mind, we are recommending that families “Roll Over” their registration to summer 2021. Not only will you receive the same pricing as this summer, but you will guarantee your space at camp. We would be grateful for your continued loyalty.

If you would prefer to receive a refund of your fees paid, we will begin processing refund requests in May 2021. While we wish we could process refunds sooner than that, as a small family-owned business, it is currently out of our reach to do so.

What is my timeframe for making a decision?

Please let us know via email by July 1st whether you would prefer to roll over to 2021 or are requesting a refund. After July 1st, we will automatically roll your fees forward to next summer and our standard refund policy will apply.

One of my children is aging out of the program. If I apply my funds paid to 2021, can I use those funds for a different child in my household?

Yes. The credited funds will go toward the household balance, not an individual camper’s balance.

Will ISTC survive without a summer of camp?

YES! Part of the difficult decision to postpone summer programming for 2020 was thinking what was best for camp in the long run. Next summer will be our 30th anniversary, and we are excited to welcome everyone back for an amazing summer of sports, friends and fun, where your children can continue to grow, learn and be the best version of themselves.