The Lake View Center – More Than Our Dining Hall


“Attention all campers and staff, breakfast is now being served. Cabins 7, 8, 11, and 12 please make your way to the Lake View Center”.

trout lake

As ISTC people, you know that when the chef pops on the intercom to make an announcement, it’s time to head to the dining hall. You spend three meals a day enjoying the upgrades on the top floor, but what happens to the dining hall when camp is not in session? What happens on the lower level?

After the summer comes to a close, International Sports Training Camp becomes Trout Lake Retreats. We continually have people staying at our facility, which means our kitchen staff stays on their game year round. The top floor may remain a dining hall, but it can be transformed into a formal space for banquets, functions and weddings!

trout lake wedding

That’s right, you and the love of your life can eventually get married at camp. The dining hall you’ve come to know and cherish becomes completely decked out to your desire. We bring out our fancy plates, quality linens, rustic decor, and our staff even dresses in formal black and white attire for the occasion.

trout lake wedding floral arrangements

Trout Lake Retreats caters to school, church, and business groups. In a much more casual fashion, we open up the facility for different groups to use for team building retreats. During the warmer months, many of these groups take advantage of the activities you get to do during camp: Rock Block, sports in the Fieldhouse, boating on the lake, etc.

staff and campers at trout lake

These groups use our many meeting rooms for their individual needs. These rooms span the bottom floor of our Lake View Center. The Timber Trail Room is our coziest room outfitted with couches, Wi-Fi, a television, and a refrigerator. It’s the ideal place for breakout sessions or for smaller groups to hold meetings. The second space is called the Stone Ridge Room. It has plenty of tables and benches that can move around any way they’d like; it also has a TV and other technology so they can diversify their sessions.

lake view center

Last and certainly not least, the Lake View Center is home to our largest meeting space, the Mountain View Room. We can comfortably fit over 200 people in this room that overlooks the lake; making it a beautiful spot for reception type events, music performances, and even casino nights.

With the addition of the Lake View Center, the ISTC spirit never fades long after the summer ends.