The Most Amazing Camp Facilities

Our AmazingFacilities

One of the primary things that ISTC is known for is our state-of-the-art facilities. Just imagine 500 acres of pure beauty, nestled in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains and overlooking our own, private Trout Lake. When parents arrive to drop off their kids we often catch a glimmer of envy in their eyes. Many tell us that ISTC feels like a country club, and some even ask if they can stay!

From our landscaped grounds, to our fields and waterfront, our facilities are renowned for being among the best in the camp community. We are continually building new facilities and our returning families always look forward to seeing what is new each year.

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Our ModernCabins

Our cabins are where campers go to relax and unwind, get ready for their day and enjoy a well-deserved sleep. But they’re also where friendships are made, stories are shared and where campers can go to relish their own personal space. So, we took the design of our cabins quite seriously.

Each cabin sits lakeside and is outfitted with a deck, so campers can put their feet up and bask in the sights and sounds of nature. Inside, they can relax in comfort. Cabins feature individual bathrooms and showers and are cooled by the lake breezes.

Campers are assigned a cabin based on their age group – the oldest and youngest campers are no more than two years apart. Joining them for the week will be at least two live-in counselors who will ensure that each camper gets the most from their camp experience!

IXTC campers live in our IXTC Village. This woodland basecamp is an exclusive area for our oldest campers to live and hang out with each other.

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Our Brand NewLake View Dining Room

Our Lake View Dining Room is a grand and spacious lakeside dining facility. It is the hub of food-related activity – it’s where campers meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The round tables and contemporary seating offer a comfortable and airy space for campers to enjoy their meals while chatting with their cabinmates and counselors. The large nano glass doors along the north wall open fully and lead out onto the deck featuring stunning views of Camelback Mountain and picturesque Trout Lake.

With two full buffet lines, two drinks stations, a large salad bar, and plenty of side bars, campers can quickly and easily navigate through all their food choices. Our food service team prepares meals with the best in fresh and locally sourced ingredients, while taking into consideration food allergies and dietary restrictions. With our fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen, the food at ISTC is sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

The downstairs of this 18,000 square foot building features three expansive meeting rooms that are used on rainy days and for get-together moments.

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Our Picture PerfectWaterfront

The centerpiece of our camp is our private 100-acre Trout Lake. This beautiful gem is only accessible to ISTC campers and it’s where they create some of their greatest memories! There’s always a lot of action happening down at the waterfront, and we ensure everyone’s safety with our team of red cross certified lifeguards.

All campers participate in waterfront activities as part of their sports programming. That means every camper jet skis and takes a banana boat ride, in addition to utilizing all the other amazing water features.

Our waterfront is also open every afternoon as an optional activity. From swimming, to playing beach games, to paddleboarding, to blobbing, the fun at the waterfront is a highlight of every camper’s week.

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Our SpaciousFieldhouse

Our fieldhouse is 17,000 square feet of indoor play space! It’s the largest gymnasium at ISTC and holds 3 regulation basketball courts. We use it to play any and all indoor sports and games under the sun! We also use this vast space for our afternoon and evening recreational events, and it makes a great rainy day sports destination.

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Our State-of-ArtHealth Center

Health and safety is so important at ISTC that we’ve built a facility entirely dedicated to it…and it’s located smack-dab in the center of camp. This facility is a state-of-the art green building that features environmentally friendly geothermal technology to heat and cool it. The rooms are decorated in kid-friendly decals and even include TVs!
Our Health Center is staffed by our live-in registered nurse and athletic trainers. Our nurse treats any camper first aid issues and takes care of administering medicine. The trainers are there to assess sports injuries and make sure they’re dealt with safely and promptly.

The Health Center is stocked with over-the-counter medications, two Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and oxygen. In the case of an emergency, we have two golf carts dedicated to moving staff, campers and equipment around the camp grounds quickly.

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Our LakesideBoathouse

You guessed it…our boathouse used to be, well, a boathouse. Years ago it was remodeled and converted into a stunning lakeside space (but we made sure to maintain its original tongue and groove cedar walls and rustic hardwood floor). What makes it one of the favorite hangout spots for our campers are the huge decks that overlook Trout Lake and it’s home to our camp store. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a pumped-up day of sports!

On rainy days our Boathouse is the ideal refuge. It’s outfitted with a big screen TV and there’s plenty of space for indoor activities!

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Our TreetopAdventure Course

Our adventure course is one of the many exciting activities offered at ISTC. Our climbing tower stands 35 feet tall against a breathtaking backdrop of ferns and pine trees in the middle of the woods. It’s there to both challenge our campers and provide them an unmatched exhilarating experience.

It’s one of the most innovative designs in the camping industry. Campers can climb the wall face or tackle the cargo net. And, hidden in and around the Tower is a network of adventure elements – a giant swing, a 30’ tall Leap of Faith and even a thrilling zipline from the top of the tower!

We added the Skyway to our wooded adventure area in 2011! The Skyway features five individual venturesome elements in the very canopy of the treetops. The only way down is a hair raising zipline ride!

Additionally, dotted throughout the ferns and pines are our low ropes features. Guided low ropes sessions are included in the All Sports and IXTC programs, where campers strengthen their team building, leadership, and communication skills.

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Our PristinePlaying Fields

We take a lot of pride in our sports fields. We have two distinct areas of playing fields at both ends of camp. Each field is lined by trees and provides an oasis for playing sports and games. They both feature a pavilion that provides shade and water break space on those sunny summer days.

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Our Super CoolLaser Tag Field

Our laser tag field in situated in between our all sports playing field and our private lake. It is chock full of life-size obstacles, bunkers and mazes. Our laser tag guns are state-of the-art and provide our oldest campers with hours of extreme playing fun!

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Our BeautifulEvents Room

Our Events Room is one of three meeting rooms in the Lake View Center. With plenty of space for everyone, it is a perfect rainy day location and is used for group bonding activities. The dual 65″ UHDTV’s are ideal for viewing top sporting events like the Olympics and World Cups. Whenever important sports events are occurring, we give our campers the option of watching them.

The doors on the North side of the room lead out onto a patio with stunning views of Camelback Mountain and picturesque Trout Lake. The grass area located in front of the patio serves as one of our awards ceremony locations.

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